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Our demo and used components listed for sale below are carefully inspected to make sure they're working properly. Please see note at the bottom of the list for more information on conditions and terms of sale. This list changes often, so check back regularly. If you'd like to stay up to date on our demo and used offerings, you can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. For more information on an item, phone or e-mail us.

Source Components

  regular sale
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Rega RP1 turntable w/ Carbon cartridge
- the BEST entry level turntable on the market and a terrific value. Includes Rega Carbon cartridge, professionally fitted and aligned.
demo 445 345
Audio Research PH8 phono stage, black
- Vacuum tube model with enough gain for a wide range of phono cartridges; one model down from the REF range. Typical ARC build quality and performance, this unit has original box, packing, and remote.
used 6995 3500
EMM Labs XDS1 v2 CD/SACD Player / DAC
- highly regarded disc player / digital to analog converter made in Canada by Ed Meitner. Very clean, with original box, packing, and remote.
used 25,000 11,500
Mark Levinson ML30.6 DAC
- pristine condition, includes external PLS330 power supply, connecting cables, and original packing cartons.
consign 16,000 4800
Electronics   regular  sale
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Linn Akurate DSM preamp / DAC / digital stream player
- the Linn Akurate DSM does it all. Get the best sound from your digital music library, internet radio, and streaming sources, use the internal phono stage for LP playback with both MM and MC cartridges, connect an AppleTV, Blu ray player, and other sources to the HDMI inputs, and control it all with an iPad. There are also additional digital and analog inputs, and this unit is the latest spec Akurate DSM so it includes Linn's ExaktLink which gives connectivity to their Exakt speaker systems. One of our favorite audio products. This unit is in pristine condition in the natural silver finish.
used 9200 5500
image coming soon
Speakers   regular sale
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Wilson Audio Sophia 3 speakers
- a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Wilson sound in your home at a very reasonable price. We have two pair of Sophia3 speakers in very nice condition. One-owner pairs, originally sold and installed by us and then repacked by us and returned to store. Includes all original packing, tools, etc., these Sophias are Wilson Authentic Pre Owned which gets you a 2 year warranty if we set them up. Delivery and setup in the N. Texas area is included; for further distances or shipping options please inquire. (Stock image shown; we have a pair in Diamond Black and a pair in Dark Titanium.)
Factory Certified
22,500 9900
PSB Synchrony 1 speakers, dark cherry
- PSB's top model for many years, the Synchrony speakers are a slim, elegant floorstander with very neutral and full range performance. Original box and packing.
used 5000 2000
Vandersteen 2CE Signature speakers
- one of the best selling speakers of all time, this pair is in nice condition but no boxes and packing so local sale only. Black cloth with natural oak trim.
used 1670 900
Rega RS7 speakers, natural cherry
- one of the larger Rega floorstanding speakers with nicely balanced, full range performance. Good condition with original boxes and packing. Stock photo.
used 3195 1500
Linn Keltik aktiv speakers, black ash
- Linn's top model at the time, the Keltik speakers are a powerful, very full range performer. Works best near the wall so easy to site in the room. The Keltiks only work in an aktiv configuration, so you'll need three stereo amps or a six channel power amp. Linn aktiv crossover cards included. Please ask for more information and for details on compatibility with your amplifiers.
used 9995 2000
Vienna Acoustics Beethoveen Baby Grand speakers
- nice sounding full-range speakers in gorgeous rosewood finish, very good condition. Original boxes and packing included.
consign 4400 2300
Miscellaneous regular sale
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Kimber KS9038 jumpers, set of 4
- significant upgrade over the cheap jumpers that come on speakers with biwire connections. The KS 9038 uses silver conductors, and this set is fitted with WBT-0600 bananas on both ends.
used 2050 600
Stewart Studiotech 130 wall mount projector screen
- 100" diagonal, 16 x9 screen. Nice condition. Updating our demo AV system so this one needs to go.
used 3500 750

Please note: demonstrator units (except for furniture) typically include box, packaging, and manufacturer's warranty, and are in excellent condition. Furniture is for local sale only, as it cannot be shipped. Used components are in good working condition, however boxes, packaging, and manuals may or may not be available, and there is no warranty unless the original manufacturer's warranty is transferrable. Used pieces that are owned by AudioConcepts may be purchased with any normal form of payment, and are taxable. Pieces that are on consignment for a customer are being sold directly to you by the customer. These sales are final, cash only, and non-taxable. We're happy to hook up any of these products prior to purchase.

If something interests you, call us at (214) 360-9520, or e-mail us.

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