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Our demo and used components are carefully inspected to make sure they're working properly. Please see note at the bottom of the list for more information on conditions and terms of sale. This list changes often, so check back regularly. If you'd like to stay up to date on our demo and used offerings, you can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. For more information on an item, phone or e-mail us.

Source Components

  regular sale
M2Tech Young DAC
- affordable, high performance DAC that can handle 32 bit / 384kHz files via the asynchronous USB input and 24 bit / 192kHz via optical, coaxial, and AES/EBU inputs. Elegant, modern compact metal case, and great sound.
demo 1499 899
Boulder 1021 CD Player / Network stream player
- if not the world's best CD player, certainly one of the top two or three. Legendary Boulder sound and build quality. CD playback as well as digital music streaming via the ethernet connection. Latest firmware.
used 25,000 call
Electronics   regular  sale
Naim Flatcap XS power supply
- two internal power supplies so can power two different Naim products. Nice upgrade for many Naim components.
demo 1600 950
Linn Klimax Kontrol preamp, silver
- Linn's top preamp and one of the world's finest, this unit is the latest version and in like-new condition. The Klimax has both balanced and RCA inputs and outputs, full remote, and sounds amazing.
used 13,500 7500
Linn Exotik DA preamp / DAC, black
- flexible, high performance preamp derived from Linn's top of the line Klimax Kontrol, this unit is fitted with the optional high performance DAC module that lets you connect digital sources to make the most of Sonos or other streaming components, and can also handle Dolby Digital surround processing for DVDs and similar sources. Highly flexible, nice for an audio-only system or an AV system in conjuntion with an HDMI video switcher.
used 5670 2000
Speakers   regular sale
PSB Image C5 center channel speaker, black ash
- good match for any of the PSB Image models and most any other PSB range.
demo 399 279



BeyerDynamic DT-1350 headphones
- compact, high performance headphones that are highly regarded in the 'phone community and also widely used for professional monitoring. (stock photo)
demo 299 199
* Shunyata Hydra HC power cord, 20A
- nice power cord for any of the Shunyata Hydra power distribution units or a component fitted with a 20A connector. 1.8M long.
demo 595 295

Please note: demonstrator units (except for furniture) typically include box, packaging, and manufacturer's warranty, and are in excellent condition. Furniture is for local sale only, as it cannot be shipped. Used components are in good working condition, however boxes, packaging, and manuals may or may not be available, and there is no warranty unless the original manufacturer's warranty is transferrable. Used pieces that are owned by AudioConcepts may be purchased with any normal form of payment, and are taxable. Pieces that are on consignment for a customer are being sold directly to you by the customer. These sales are final, cash only, and non-taxable. Please ask for more information.

If something interests you, call us at (214) 360-9520, or e-mail us.

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