Give the Gift of Great Sound

We have gifts that every audiophile or music lover would enjoy, and are also happy to make a
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We always have lots of records in stock for the vinyl lover, including jazz and classical recordings from years ago as well as contemporary releases from some of today's most popular artists.

From $12.

Audioquest Record Brush

Clean records sound better and the Audioquest carbon fiber record brush is the best way to keep your records clean, short of using a record cleaning machine.


Caig Deoxit Kit

Ensure that all of your audio and video components and cables are making the best connection possible. Used and endorsed by Audio Research and many others, this kit includes Deoxit contact cleaner and Deoxit Gold contact enhancer.



We have a large selection of headphones on demonstration, including models from Grado, PSB, and Beyer Dynamic. Whether you're looking for something to travel with and connect to your iPod, plug into your computer at work, or relax with at home, you can find your ideal headphone solution at AudioConcepts.

from $79.

Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC

Audioquest's Dragonfly is the easiest way yet to get quality sound from your computer music library. Just plug the USB DAC into your PC or Mac (it's as small as a thumb drive), and then connect a pair of headphones directly or a cable from the Dragonfly to your audio system.  Done! You'll enjoy terrific sound, whether from MP3 or high res music. There's even a variable output if you'd like to use it directly into powered speakers or a power amp.


NAD CD Players

NAD's CD players (and amplifiers) set the bar for the best possible sound at the lowest price. They start off with the NAD C515BEE at $300, a disc player that will easily give you better sound than most anything at 2x or 3x the price, as well as outperform older players that are way more than that. If you haven't made the switch to a computer-based digital music library yet, the NAD players are a great way to enjoy CDs.

from $300.

PSB Alpha B1 speakers

PSB speakers manage to deliver a musical performance like nothing else at the price. You can certainly get better sound if you're willing to pay (lots) more, but for their price the PSB Alpha bookshelf speakers, and really all of the PSB Alpha, Image, and Imagine models, are insanely great values and ideal for budget systems or secondary applications.

$300 a pair

Nordost White LIghtning Signal Cables

Though the White Lightning cables are Nordost's entry model in the new Nordost Leif series, they're anything but entry level in performance. If you really want to hear the potential performance that your system can deliver, you need to have a quality cabling solution from beginning to end, and we think that starts with the Nordost White Lightning signal cables.

interconnects from $179 a pair
speaker cable from $400 a pair

Rega RP1 Turntable

From the company that has defined affordable analog playback for over 30 years, we now have the wonderful Rega RP1. It's amazing that the RP1 sells for just $449, outperforms way more expensive turntables, and is still made in England. It's available in dark grey, silver, and the white pictured here. $449 includes cartridge and dustcover-you're ready to go. You can also add the Rega Performance Pack, which includes a Rega Bias2 cartridge and higher tolerance belt and mat, for just $199.  Always in stock, the Rega RP1 is an AudioConcepts best-seller.


Linn Adikt Phono Cartridge

If you're one of our many clients enjoying records on an older Linn Basik, Axis, or LP12 turntable, but haven't had your table in for a checkup or a new cartridge in ten or more years, you're missing out on better sound. The Adikt, a high output MM design, is Linn's most affordable cartridge and easily outperforms their older K9 and K18 MM cartridges, and most older MC cartridges as well. Bring in your table and purchase an Adikt, and we'll include mounting and a basik checkout at no charge.


Sonos SUB Subwoofer

Have a Sonos ZP120 Zone Player with a pair of speakers, or maybe a Sonos Play3 or Play5 speaker? You can easily improve the sound in that room, with the addition of the Sonos SUB.  Just connect it to power, and it seamlessly blends in with your Sonos system.


Linn KIKO Music System

Linn KIKO is the ideal compact music system for a kitchen, office, bedroom, library, or any place where you don't have room for lots of components or cabling and want really great sound. It includes Linn's unique DS Digital Stream technology to perfectly play back music from any computer-based music library, and also supports internet radio, Apple's Airplay, and includes inputs for other source components. It's everything you need, in a compact stylish enclosure.  If you already have a Linn DS Digital Stream player elsewhere in the house, KIKO is a great way to add sound in other places in your home.


Audio Research REF 75 Stereo Amplifier

One of our favorite new products this year!  The Audio Research REF75 stereo tube amplifier delivers performance pretty much unmatched at any price as long as you're operating within its power output abilities (75 watts per channel), and has ultra-cool styling to match. It's also very easy to keep the tubes biased with ARC's new meter system. We've matched the REF75 with a wide range of preamps and speakers and gotten terrific results.


Wilson Audio Alexia Speakers

Wilson Audio makes the world's finest loudspeakers. Their attention to every aspect of design, components and assembly has created legendary models ever since the very first Wilson WATT back in the mid 1970's. Wilson's top model, the XLF at just under $200,000, is astonishing. But now we have the new Wilson Alexia, already being called the 'baby XLF' because of its use of similar components and design innovations, at less than 25% of the price. Crazy as it may sound, we think this $48k speaker system is remarkably good value. If you love the sound of beautifuly reproduced music in your home, you must hear the Wilson Alexia.