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Everyone has different performance expectations, required features, placement issues and other needs for a music or home theater system, so there is no perfect universal system. Even more important, the combination of components is very critical to getting a good result. One can easily select a good CD player, receiver, and pair of speakers, each in isolation, and have them perform poorly together. Even the choice in cables makes a difference. The system approach is the key. Here are a few rough starting points, a few favorites that we think really stand out. Please stop by and we can fill in the blanks or fine-tune something just right for you! Please note, prices do not include custom installation where necessary.

Please read our note about audio systems vs. audio/video systems.

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A word about audio systems vs. audio/video systems:

Most people come in the store today assuming they should get a surround sound system. This is probably because the media and most other stores bombard us with the wonderful abilities of surround sound. The truth is, unless you rent at least a couple of movies a week, you may be better off with a good stereo two-channel system.

Surround sound is only really useful for information that has been recorded in a surround format- which is primarily movies and some TV broadcasts, but not the vast majority of music on CDs, records, etc. You'll also get a higher quality sound from a two channel system than a five channel system for the same amount of money. This should be obvious, if you consider that you can spend x amount of dollars and allocate it over either two amplifier channels and two speakers, or five amplifier channels, five speakers, and additional processing. It's a bit like a single disc CD player vs. a CD changer. You'll generally get better sound for the same investment from a single disc player, since there's no requirement to spend part of the money on the additional mechanics and features of a changer.

In fact, many people find that they are happier with the sound of their movies played back through a superior two channel system than a lesser multi-channel system. Plus they get better performance for their music listening. We think this is something that you should consider. Of course, we do sell both the best possible home stereo systems and multi-channel audio/video systems.


Audio Systems

A Fine Starting Point

NAD D 3020 hybrid digital integrated amplifier
PSB Alpha B1 bookshelf speakers

Total price: less than $700

This is a terrific entry level system that's perfect if you have a digital music library on your laptop or phone. You can stream your music library via Bluetooth to the D 3020, or connect a computer and other devices via the digital inputs. There's a built in headphone amp, and handy wireless remote. For the money you would spend at an electronics mega store, you can have a system that actually sounds good. If you have a tight budget but want something that performs, give this a listen. You'll be pleasantly surprised. (If you still spin compact discs, just add the NAD C516 CD player for $300.)

Better Living Through Vinyl

Rega Planar 1 turntable and cartridge
Rega Brio integrated amp
Rega RX1 bookshelf speakers

Total price: about $2800

A terrific budget system that invites you to discover how good vinyl records can sound, and is flexible enough to enjoy a wide range of music. For even better sound from your LPs, add the Rega Performance Pack upgrade which includes better cartridge, mat, and belt, for $195. Add the Rega Apollo-R CD player or Rega DAC for excellent digital playback. You can also step up to the Rega RX3 and RX5 floorstanding speakers for more full-range performance. A store favorite.

NAD and Magnepan

NAD C368 integrated amp with BluOS digital music streaming module
Magnepan MG1.7i speakers

Total price: about $3100

Our NAD and Magnepan system pairing pushes performance to a surprising level. Few speakers can deliver a sense of life-like scale and realism like the Maggies, and pull it off anywhere near the price of the new MG1.7i. The Magnepans do require a fair amount of power to live up to their potential, and that's where NAD comes in. The C368 integrated delivers 80 watts per channel and has a smooth transparent sound that's a perfect match for these speakers. Utilize one of the two available MDC module slots to accommodate one of the worlds most advance Hi-Res Audio multi-room wireless systems available, the BluOS music management system developed by Bluesound. BluOS connects to your network and is controlled via smartphone, tablet, or desktop to manage your music collection and connect you to a number of high-quality streaming music services such as Tidal. Got vinyl? The C368 also includes a MM phono stage which allows you to plug in your favorite turntable and start listening to your LPs right out of the box.

Linn Majik System

Linn Majik DSM Integrated Amp / Digital Streaming player
Linn Majik 140 speakers

Total price: about $7,700

Linn is a distinguished manufacturer of some of the world's finest audio components, and the same company that created the ground breaking CD12 CD player, and the Sondek LP12 turntable which continues as a reference product today.  Stemming from 35 successful years of pitch accurate sound reproduction, the Majik System brings new levels of excitement to music playback.  Linn's Majik DS-M integrated amp is one of the most versatile and fully featured products available, with accommodations for digital inputs, analog inputs, HDMI AV inputs, a phono stage for a turntable, a headphone amp, and Linn's Digital Streaming technology for serious performance. The beautifully designed Majik 140 floor standing speakers are a popular choice for their great sound and ease of placement, and also come in several handsome real wood finishes including oak, walnut, rosenut, cherry, black ash, and white, making them easy to integrate into any decor. If you need smaller speakers, there's also a bookshelf version of the 140, the Majik 109. This Linn system can also be easily upgraded for even better performance, by converting the speakers to aktiv and adding extra amplifier channels.

Audio Research and Vandersteen

Audio Research CD6 CD player
Audio Research VSi-60 integrated amp
Vandersteen Treo speakers

Total price: about $20,000

Audio Research has been the most respected manufacturer of high performance stereo electronics in America for over forty years. The ARC VSi60 integrated amp delivers classic Audio Research vacuum tube performance from a small chassis, making it easy to place in your room. The CD6 is an overachieving work horse, featuring near-indestructible Audio Research build quality and unmatched performance for the price, and also includes digital inputs to let you connect Sonos or BlueSound streaming devices or a computer music library. Add a pair of Vandersteen Audio's elegant floorstanding Treo speakers and you have another system that's a big favorite here at AudioConcepts. The Treos are available in a range of attractive wood finishes, and their natural, open, full range performance will give you terrific listening pleasure with all types of music. Don't need a CD player or on a budget? Substitute a Hegel or Rega DAC for the CD6 CD player and you can get into this system for around $14k.

Boulder and Wilson

Esoteric X-05 CD / SACD player
Boulder 810 preamplifier
Boulder 860 power amplifier
Wilson Audio Sophia3 speakers

Total price: about $44,000

The first thing that you'll notice about these components is the incredible precision manufacturing and acute attention to detail. Solidly built and gorgeous to look at, but designed entirely around form following function, the performance of this system is very compelling. Precise, detailed, even spectacular, but most important it's extremely fun to listen to, and not for just one or two great recordings but for a whole diverse music collection. Sensible upgrades to this system would include the Esoteric X-01Limited disc player and the Boulder 1000-series preamp and power amp.

Audio Research REFERENCE System

Audio Research REF CD9 CD player
Audio Research REF 5 SE preamplifier
Audio Research REF 150 power amplifier
Wilson Audio Sasha speakers

Total price: about $66,000

What do you get when you pair one of the top models from the world’s most highly respected speaker designer with components built by the leading manufacturer of high-end electronics?  A truly amazing system that delivers more pleasure and enjoyment than someone could ever dream possible from anything other than a live performance.  This system satisfies the disappointment that sometimes occurs after leaving a great concert and realizing that no audio system will ever sound as good the show you just attended.  Just one listen and you will immediately understand why Wilson speakers are THE speaker to have if you really want to enjoy the best sound possible in your home, and why Audio Research is an American legend in state of the art electronics.  You'll be transported to the live event, while remaining comfortably seated in your own living room. Vinyl lovers can add a Linn LP12 turntable and Audio Research phono stage and enjoy an even more staggering experience. We can assemble many different Audio Research and Wilson systems, all optimized for your room, placement considerations, and budget. Just stop by and ask.

Video Systems

A Fine Starting Point

NAD T758 V3 AV receiver
GoldenEar Triton 7 front speakers
GoldenEar SuperCenter X center channel speaker
GoldenEar Aon 2 bookshelf or Invisa 650 inceiling speakers
GoldenEar Forcefield 4 subwoofer

Total price: about $4800

This NAD / GoldenEar system makes up a very affordable home theater that features full range floorstanding speakers. Compared to other similarly priced combinations in the market, this one will sound far more natural and realistic and do an equally good job at reproducing music. The new NAD receiver has all the latest HDMI features allowing you to take full advantage of the performance that 4K / UHD Blu-Ray discs can deliver, and includes NAD's MDC modular design concept which lets you change out audio and video modules as technology changes, reducing the risk of obsolescence.

Add Sony's beautiful X900E series LED Smart TV for the full 4K HDR experience, starting at $1199.

Magnepan Home Theater

NAD T777 AV receiver
NAD T567 Blu-ray disc player
Magnepan MG1.7 front speakers
Magnepan MC1 rear speakers
Magnepan CC5 center channel speaker
GoldenEar Forcefield 5 powered subwoofer

Total price: about $9500

Magnepans have long been known for their fantastic sound, and they're also great for home theater applications. The MC1 surround speakers mount to your rear or side walls, and can be folded flush against the wall when not in use. With the proper center channel and subwoofer, the Magnepan system delivers a remarkable sound that is rich, clear, and open- whether you're listening to Terminator 2, Ben Webster, or Beethoven. The NAD electronics complete the package, providing the right kind of power and all the current surround sound modes available. NAD's MDC modular design construction in the new HD-series of receivers also puts all audio and video circuitry on individual replaceable modules, and the operating and processing software are also upgradable via a serial port connection.

GoldenEar Triton Theater

NAD M17 A/V preamplifier
NAD M27 seven channel power amp
NAD T567 Blu-ray player
GoldenEar Triton One front speakers 
GoldenEar SuperCenter XL center channel speaker
GoldenEar onwall or inceiling surround speakers
GoldenEar SuperSub XXL subwoofer

Total price: about $19,000

A perfect choice for a more serious system for combined music enjoyment and movie watching. The NAD surround sound processor offers a fantastic combination of audio quality, video switching, and functionality for the price, and can be configured to make operation extremely easy. NAD's multichannel amp serves up 160 watts per channel, and the award winning GoldenEar speakers work great in any environment and deliver a natural, full range sound. For a smaller room or smaller visual impact, the GoldenEar Triton Two+ or Three+ models are a great substitute. You can also add additional GoldenEar ceiling speakers and take this to a full Dolby Atmos spec'd system; we have one set up in the store now for audition!

Wilson Audio WATCH System

Wilson Audio Sophia 3 front speakers
Wilson Audio WATCH center channel speaker
Wilson Audio WATCH wall mount rear speakers
Wilson Audio WATCH DOG subwoofer w/ controller
McIntosh MVP891 universal disc / Blu Ray player
McIntosh MX151 A/V preamp and processor
McIntosh MC205 five channel power amplifier

Total price: about $80,000

“For over a decade more award winning film scores have been mixed, composed, or recorded with Wilson Audio than any other loudspeaker.” – Wilson Audio

Some of the best sounding movies ever are on the long list of those produced on Wilson Audio speakers.  With this system you can be absolutely sure that you are hearing every detail, every whisper, and every dinosaur roar that the director wanted you to hear.  Your favorite music will also make you sit up and be amazed. With the new McIntosh player, all of your DVD, CD, SACD, DVD-Audio and Blu Ray discs will look and sound their best, and the awesome new McIntosh MX150 preamp delivers fabulous performance and makes the system simple for anyone in the family to operate. Built in Lyngdorf room correction raises the sound quality even further, diminishing any room acoustics issues. With this reference quality sound system, the only choice to consider for a matching video display should come from the company that created the entire front projection home theater industry, Runco. The QuantumColor uses LEDs as a light source so there are no bulbs to replace and no noisy fan to cool the bulb. Colors are stunning, and black backgrounds are truly dark, deep black. This new Runco is sets a new standard for large-screen home viewing.

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